Bone by Bone

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Bone by Bone Book

What would you be if your finger bones grew so long that they reached your feet? You'd be a bat! What if you had no leg bones but kept your arm bones? You'd be a whale, a dolphin...


Bone by Bone - Sara Levine
pdf | 255 KB | English | Isbn: 1467742732 | Author: Sara Levine | Release Date: 2014-01-01
What would you be if your finger bones grew so long that they reached your feet? You'd be a bat! What if you had no leg bones but kept your arm bones? You'd be a whale, a dolphin, or a porpoise! This entertaining picture book will keep readers guessing as they learn about how our skeletons are like—and unlike—those of other animals.
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#1 Bone by Bone

Bone by Bone Book Sara Levine
  • Author : Sara Levine
  • Publisher : Millbrook Press ™
  • Release Date : 2014-01-01
  • Total Pages : 32
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Review : (3)

Download #1 Bone by Bone eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

What would you be if your finger bones grew so long that they reached your feet? You'd be a bat! What if you had no leg bones but kept your arm bones? You'd be a whale, a dolphin, or a porpoise! This entertaining picture book will keep readers guessing as they learn about how our skeletons are like—and unlike—those of other animals.

#2 Bones!

Bones! Book Janet Gardner
  • Author : Janet Gardner
  • Publisher : Alfred Music
  • Release Date : N.a
  • Total Pages : 52
  • Genre : Music
  • Review : (380)

Download #2 Bones! eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Oh, no! Sam, the custodian, has accidentally knocked over the famous Charles Cartilage skeleton! All of the disconnected bones have amnesia from the fall and have no clue what they are-or where they belong! Join in the fun and laughter while your students learn about bones, muscles and nerves! Features six singable songs and a "Clatter Band" of students playing rhythm instruments. The whole school can be involved! Recommended for grades three and up. Performance Time: Approximately 25 minutes.

#3 The Bone Charmer

The Bone Charmer Book Breeana Shields
  • Author : Breeana Shields
  • Publisher : Page Street Kids
  • Release Date : 2019-05-21
  • Total Pages : 400
  • Genre : Young Adult Fiction
  • Review : (2)

Download #3 The Bone Charmer eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

“Tomorrow, my future will be decided by my dead gran’s finger bones. It’s how my whole life has been determined—with bones and blood and snapping flames.” On the day of Saskia’s kenning—a special bone reading that determines the apprenticeships of all seventeen-year-olds—her worst fear comes true. She receives an assignment to train as a Bone Charmer, a seer, like her mother. Saskia knows her mother saw multiple paths for her, yet chose the one she knew Saskia wouldn’t want. Their argument leads to a fracture in one of the bones, with the devastating result of splitting Saskia’s future. Now she will live her two potential paths simultaneously: one where she’s forced to confront her magic, and one where she tries to run from it. But when both paths become entangled in the plot of a rogue Charmer, Saskia learns that no future is safe, and some choices have unimaginable consequences. Only one future can survive. And Saskia’s life is in danger in both.

#4 Three-Finger Zen

Three-Finger Zen Book Xiao-Xing Chen
  • Author : Xiao-Xing Chen
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Release Date : 2011-08-30
  • Total Pages : 176
  • Genre : Sports & Recreation
  • Review : (298)

Download #4 Three-Finger Zen eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

With its technical limitations, modern basketball has developed radically to a physical game. A revolution of basketball fundamental skills is needed, and now it is feasible with a break-through technique—Three-Finger Zen, Universal Ball-Handling Mechanism. In 2010, after five-year dedicated research and praxis, Xiaoxing Chen discovered Three- Finger-Zen (3fz), a nature mechanism of human hand and arm for handling the basketball. It benefits every participant of the sport, and has technical capabilities to revolutionize basketball for a perfect game. Chen built his theories and praxes of how basketball should work in 3fz with its unique features: • Integrates all basketball offense skills as one simple mechanism. • Enables unchallengeable shooting with exceptional accuracy. • Improves players’ athletic abilities and prevent passive injuries. • Enhances physical and mental development of children. • Sparks logic and artistic intelligence in youths and adults. • Promotes physical and mental health of the general public. Distinctive from conventional basketball skills, 3fz applies the last three fingers—middle finger, ring finger and pinky—to handle and control the ball. In this method, the ring finger plays a command-and-control role in the ball-handling processes of dribbling, passing, and shooting. The technique is easy to learn when you understand the 3fz mechanism and follow the training instructions. In this book, Chen reveals the steps to 3fz basketball revolution and teaches you how to be the best basketball player you can be.

#5 The Taking and Displaying of Human Body Parts as Trophies by Amerindians

The Taking and Displaying of Human Body Parts as Trophies by Amerindians Book Richard J. Chacon,David H. Dye
  • Author : Richard J. Chacon,David H. Dye
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2007-08-21
  • Total Pages : 680
  • Genre : Social Science
  • Review : (2)

Download #5 The Taking and Displaying of Human Body Parts as Trophies by Amerindians eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

This edited volume mainly focuses on the practice of taking and displaying various body parts as trophies in both North and South America. The editors and contributors (which include Native Peoples from both continents) examine the evidence and causes of Amerindian trophy taking. Additionally, they present objectively and discuss dispassionately the topic of human proclivity toward ritual violence. This book fills the gap in literature on this subject.

#6 Bone Marrow Nei Kung

Bone Marrow Nei Kung Book Mantak Chia
  • Author : Mantak Chia
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Release Date : 2006-10-25
  • Total Pages : 272
  • Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Review : (197)

Download #6 Bone Marrow Nei Kung eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

A guide to nourishing the body through bone marrow rejuvenation exercises • Presents exercises to “regrow” bone marrow, revive the internal organs, and prevent osteoporosis • Explains the use of bone breathing and bone compression, “hitting” to detoxify the body, and sexual energy massage and chi weight lifting to enhance the life force within Most Westerners believe that a daily physical exercise program helps slow the aging process. Yet those whose bodies appear most physically fit on the outside often enjoy only the same life span as the average nonathletic person. It is the internal organs and glands that nourish every function of the body, and it is the bone marrow that nourishes and rejuvenates the organs and glands through the production of blood. By focusing only on the muscles without cultivating the internal organs, bones, and blood, the Western fitness regimen can ultimately exhaust the internal system. In Bone Marrow Nei Kung Master Mantak Chia reveals the ancient mental and physical Taoist techniques used to “regrow” bone marrow, strengthen the bones, and rejuvenate the organs and glands. An advanced practice of Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Bone Marrow Nei Kung was developed as a way to attain the “steel body” coveted in the fields of Chinese medicine and martial arts. This method of absorbing energy into the bones revives the bone marrow and reverses the effects of aging through the techniques of bone breathing, bone compression, and sexual energy massage, which stimulates the hormonal production that helps prevent osteoporosis. Also included is extensive information on chi weight lifting and the practice of “hitting” to detoxify the body.

#7 Hand and Finger Injuries in Rock Climbers

Hand and Finger Injuries in Rock Climbers Book Sébastien Gnecchi,François Moutet
  • Author : Sébastien Gnecchi,François Moutet
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2015-05-27
  • Total Pages : 236
  • Genre : Medical
  • Review : (225)

Download #7 Hand and Finger Injuries in Rock Climbers eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

The aim of this book is not only to help climbers and coaches gain a better understanding of medical consultations, but also to offer insights into practical treatment. As regards the medical field, the explanation of the different forces exerted on fingers during climbing allows better assessment of the causes of injuries and can help injured climbers adjust when they return to training. Despite their small size and fragility, fingers are essential in rock-climbing. The publication of this book was motivated by the numerous possible injuries and the required treatments, as well as the desire to connect medicine to this field. Combining scientific and medical research offers a new approach to training and practice. Indeed, promoting cooperation between specialists and coaches for the benefit of climbers can reduce the risk of lesions and improve training.

#8 The Human Body

The Human Body Book Peter Abrahams
  • Author : Peter Abrahams
  • Publisher : Amber Books Ltd
  • Release Date : 2017-05-08
  • Total Pages : 256
  • Genre : Health & Fitness
  • Review : (263)

Download #8 The Human Body eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

From the skeleton to skin cells, lungs to lymph nodes, The Human Body is an authoritative guide to human anatomy. Combining accessible text written by medical experts with scientifically accurate colour artworks, the book takes the reader through the workings of human anatomy, explaining in ways easily understandable for general readers everything from how we digest food to how we blink to what makes the ‘funny bone’ feel funny. Arranged from head to toe, The Human Body will serve as an excellent reference guide whether you are seeking greater understanding about a medical ailment or just curious to know more about the workings of the body. With detailed annotations accompanying each of the 240 scientifically accurate colour artworks, The Human Body is wide-ranging, expertly written and easy to understand.

#9 Broken Bones

Broken Bones Book Felix S. Chew,Catherine Maldijan,Hyojeong Mulcahy
  • Author : Felix S. Chew,Catherine Maldijan,Hyojeong Mulcahy
  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Release Date : 2016-05-03
  • Total Pages :
  • Genre : Medical
  • Review : (253)

Download #9 Broken Bones eBook Pdf ePub and Kindle

Broken Bones contains 434 individual cases and 1,101 radiologic images illustrating the typical and less typical appearances of fractures and dislocations throughout the body. The first chapter describes fractures and dislocations of the fingers, starting with fractures of the phalangeal tufts and progressing through the distal, middle, and proximal phalanges and the DIP and PIP joints. Subsequent chapters cover the metacarpals, the carpal bones, the radius and ulna, the elbow and upper arm, and the shoulder and thoracic cage. The cervical spine and the thoracic and lumbosacral spine are covered in separate chapters, followed by the pelvis, the femur, the knee and lower leg, the ankle, the tarsal bones, and the metatarsals and toes. The final three chapters cover the face, fractures and dislocations in children, and fractures and dislocations caused by bullets and nonmilitary blasts.